Firefly Plus (2.0) Holiday Bundle

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Description: Take control of your fireworks display with the next generation in wireless firing systems. Pair via WiFi to your Apple or Android mobile device (internet connection is not required). Signal range is up to 150 meters. WiFi mesh technology allows you to command multiple systems in the field simultaneously. New and improved firing clips can launch multiple Fireworks from a single cue. Use the FireFly app to design your show with up to 15 individual ignitions, or ditch the script and launch your fireworks one by one in Manual Mode. Set-up is fast and easy: you’ll be firing like a Pro in no time!
What's Included: 15-cue FireFly Plus Wireless Firing Module with WiFi connectivity. 15 reusable Titan Multiclips (8 x 1-meter length and 7 x 3-meter length). FireFly Rechargeable Power Plate (eliminates the need for Battieries and improves performance by supplying more power to ignition coils). 20-Pack of 1-Meter Talon Igniters (so you can fire multiple Fireworks from a single cue).
Recommended Additions: 5m Firing Clips: space your Fireworks further apart, creating a 'Stage Left' and 'Stage Right' effect.
Apple Store Firing Sequence
Google Play Firing Sequence